Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Camping and a Tour

We spent yet another beautiful weekend of camping. Our weird summer weather may have some people upset, but I'm loving it! It's perfect for sitting around the campfire and hanging out in the outdoors. We were lucky enough to get our favorite spot on the river at Coralville Lake. We currently can't make reservations for "our" spot because they are supposed to be putting some rock in and working on the sites along the river because the flood really tore away at the bank. Here is a view of the overflow as we cross the dam. Our campground is in the upper right hand area of the photo.
We always see plenty of wildlife like the five deer munching on grass in this photo. (They're there, just look closer!) We sometimes have coon visiting us at night to scavenge through our trash or perhaps open Trilby's cooler and help themselves! Many birds are always around too.
Bud has about a 12 foot drop to water at the edge of the bank. Anyway, we can still camp there until they start working, so we made reservations for one spot and then moved to our spot when we saw it was open. The reason we like it so well is that it borders the timber area on one side which gives us privacy, and Bud has figured out how to catch some catfish there. This is where Bud spends most of his time. (Notice his Dish! Someone's spoiled!)

Here is the view out our back window.

I thought I would take you on a little tour of our camper today. It is a 2002 Yellowstone Fifth-Wheel trailer.

A view to the left as you walk into the camper. The blinds are usually up when we are at the res so we can see the view of the river.

A view to the right as you walk into the camper.

My kitchen area as seen from the couch.

This is taken from the steps to the bedroom. You can see the kitchen to the left, dining to the right, and living at the rear.

And our bedroom area is up two steps from the kitchen/living room. There is a pocket door for privacy. An accordion door can also be pulled to have bathroom and vanity area privacy separate from the bedroom.

The sink and vanity area are at the foot of the bed across from the toilet and tub/shower room.

These two spent Saturday night with us. They spent their time fishing, exploring the timber, and sitting around the campfire.

I would be remiss if I didn't show you the boys' favorite spot. The nearby dairy sweet is where Grandpa buys ice cream. Cael and Nate both got their first tastes of ice cream from Grandpa's cone at Funcrest. Yum, yum!
I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our camper. Come out and sit around the campfire with us sometime!


Trina said...

I can only dream of owning a fancy camper one day. I'm sure we would find the coons funny then.

trilby said...

Thank you for letting the boys stay! They always have such a great time and Payton ALWAYS has a great fish story to tell. Grandpa also got Cael hooked on popcorn! Not just ice cream. Grandpa also was the first person to give Payton ice cream. Just at your house not at Funcrest.