Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Quilty Finish

With the approaching school year looming I know my big blocks of uninterrupted time are coming to an end soon, so I have been sewing frantically! This quilt pattern is one I have made quite a few times.
It is made of flannel fat quarters and/or chenille and cotton batting. The seams are sewn on top and then snipped and washed to resemble more chenille.

Each square is machine stitched on top with either a big X or a teddy bear.

It is the same on the back as the front minus the seams.It's soft and cuddly and ready to wrap around a sweet baby!


The Hartsocks said...

very cute! aren't you ambitious?! i have really neglected crafty type stuff this summer (hard to be crafty with a 10 month old!), but still want to sew up a curtain for our kitchen since I did get it (and our living/dining room) painted. see you at school soon!

Kath said...

I would like you to show me how to do that one day.