Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Grandson's Birthday Quilt

Grayson is one of our "city slicker" grandsons.  That means he isn't into farm equipment, but he IS into garbage trucks and construction equipment.  That's what he sees in his world.  His parents painted a neighborhood along the bottom edge of one of his bedroom walls so he could drive along and pick up garbage.  Another wall has the garbage dump and the big equipment.  Sooooo, he needed a new blanket.  Nana to the rescue......
The center is a "cheater" panel.  For you non quilty people that means it is all one fabric.  No piecing to it.
I used three different quilting patterns....meandering, loops, and a stencil on the white.
I've been wanting to use a stencil for a while, and I thought this was the perfect pattern for the white.
The back is pieced out of the leftovers from the front.  The symmetrical me would have liked the top pieces to meet up, but the frugal me just couldn't waste that much fabric!  Now, if it were for a fancier quilt the symmetrical me may have won.  :)

As always, I hope Grayson loves it and uses it for many years!  Do you think it will look good in a dorm room? :)


Laurie said...

What a great quilt Kim, his room sounds so awesome for a kid! I'm sure it will look nice in his dorm room one day!

Rebecca said...

LOve that Panal!
Did you have it in stash or do you remember where you found it?

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt you do very good work!!! Hope the kids all treasure them.

Phyl said...

Beautiful as always! Your Grand-kids are so lucky to have such a talented Nana.