Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Celebrating Two Birthdays!

Cael turned 10 on June 13th. Clara turned 3 on June 28th. We celebrated both birthdays on Saturday.

We started with a Star Wars themed birthday for Cael.

He had friends and family to help him celebrate. On his wrists are our gifts--two money bracelets.

He really wasn't sure what was up with them!

I used this tutorial. I don't like to shop, plus the grandkids have EVERYTHING, so I started giving them money. Last year Cael got his from a tissue box. You can see that here.
They had a piƱata full of candy and small gifts, and themed food like Jabba the Hutt Dogs, Princess Laysa Chips, Clone Trooper Corn, Death Star Balls(watermelon), Rebel Denoators(gumballs), Light Sabers(pixie stixs), Space Dust(nerds), Edible Ewoks(sour patch kids), Yoda Soda, C3POH2O, and Hans Solo Rolos.

Saturday afternoon we celebrated Clara's birthday with friends and family.

She had a houseful of people and a mountain of presents! She especially enjoyed a musical card that came with a gift. Who knew you just needed to buy her a card!!LOL

After most people left she got her big gift from her parent and little sister.

A John Deere motorized vehicle. The kids had a great time on it!!

For now we're done with birthdays until August which is a big month.

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Laurie said...

You're so clever Kim, I'm going to do the money bracelets from now on, I love that idea! I really got a kick out of the Star Wars theme, so awesome for a boy!
My blog has disappeared, and I can't get it back, so I started a new one that can be accessed through this comment. I hope you follow me, as I also lost all my followers!