Friday, December 14, 2012

Three New Grandkids-Three New Stockings

One Christmas in the early eighties, I decided I would make my kids new Christmas stocking. And from those four originals we now have this.

In the last year we were blessed with three new grandchildren--Colby, Maddux, and Aela. And that of course, means three new stockings.

Colby was born December 12th, but I didn't get his done before Christmas. He has one now!

Maddux was born in April so this is his first Christmas. His stocking is hanging next to Colby's.

Aela was born in May. Being only one of two granddaughters I was thrilled to do frilly again.

Santa will soon be here to fill those stockings since they couldn't possibly have been naughty!!

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Laurie said...

Are those ever cute Kim! I'm sure they will be a cherished tradition for many years to come!