Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Busy Month!

It's been a busy month! It started with Iowa Assessments at school (Formerly called Iowa Tests of Basic Skills),then report cards and parent teacher conferences two different nights, a friend's birthday supper, and a couple of Iowa games.

Yes, the Iowa Hawkeyes had quite a dismal season, but still there's nothing like the excitement of a Hawkeye game!
Night games are always so fun! This one started out that way, but....well, didn't end up so fun.

Great day to honor the vets.

Nov. 17th was our annual Girls' Day Out trip to Des Moines. We started off at McD's to fuel up for the long day, then headed for Des Moines. Our first stop was Target, then the craft show. Not sure what was going on, but Tasha and Trina made a friend at the craft show.

Let's just say I heard Trina scream and saw the two of them trying to get away from the guy in the scarf. They were laughing so I guess it wasn't too bad!
Then it was time for lunch, so we headed for West Des Moines. We may have sampled some beer......

We hit the mall after lunch and the vehicle I was in....wait a minute, it was MY vehicle, I just wasn't driving.....HAD to stop at Bass Pro. After a LONG time in Bass Pro we mad done final stop at Walmart and headed home. It was a long day, but I think we all had a great time!

The next day was our family Thanksgiving celebration. Stay tuned for photos and info on that next time!

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Laurie said...

It looks like such a fun time Kim, I really need to get back to Iowa!