Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Cookbook

I started my married life with one of two cookbooks as my cooking "Bible". One I got as a shower gift, and really no longer use, but the other one I still use.
The section on pie making is WELL used. The pages no longer stay in the binder. I still use this recipe for my pie crust.

My kitchen looks a little different than the one in the book.

And I don't refer to it when having friends over for tea.

I couldn't find a copyright on it, but it was a shower gift to Mom who was married in 1956, so it is certainly vintage!

Do you have a favorite cookbook?
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Laurie said...

Love your vintage cookbook Kim. I don't have a favorite, all my recipes are written on scrap papers, index cards, notebook paper, stationary, or anything that was handy. My cookbook I guess I could say is in a paper bag!

Trina said...

If you bought this exact book new from Amazon, it would cost you $75. Treat it well! Maybe you should make some photocopies of the recipes you like and store the book.