Saturday, June 16, 2012

Roughin' It!

Back in the day we used to enjoy getting away from it all on the weekends. We packed up the camper and kids and took of for the campground....most often at Lake View. The most electronic thing we took with us was a fan! We started out in a tent, then a fold down, next a travel trailer. When we had the travel trailer we were high tech --we had a fridge, stove, oven, furnace and we brought along a TV(which was seldom used), and the girls needed their blow driers by then. And I can't forget the electric skillet used for making bigfoots.(see tutorial here

We sold that TT as the kids were older, had jobs, and activities and were too busy to go camping. Later, our next camper was once again a fold down. But this time it was a real fixer upper. We only used it once or twice and graduated to an older fifth wheel. Once again we had the stove, fridge, etc., but for the first time we had air conditioning. Nowadays we have a nicer fifth wheel with all of the above including a slide for more room. Only two people now, but the most room we've had! Go figure!

What struck me today as I was sitting here is how "connected" we are when we're camping. Here is my evidence.

These things are beside my chair as I sit by the fire next to the river. Between the two of us we have talked to all of our kids at least once this weekend. Can't(?) go anywhere without a phone--mine a smartphone, Bud's a regular phone. I don't go anywhere without my iPad which is connected to 3G. Now my laptop isn't connected, but I am studying, so I need it for word processing. REALLY?

I know all of this technology is making the world flat. I know my students need this to learn and to keep up with today's world which means I should be knowledgeable about it too. But when do we ever just be? When do we teach kids to be happy with themselves connected or not? When do we teach them to go make their own fun. To go outside and cut up that dead pig like Travis used to do? I'm struggling a little with change. I'm sure every generation has had that. I guess I just liked that weekend away with just our family..swimming, fishing, and having fun--not being connected to anyone but each other. Today I am longing for those simpler times....
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Mary and Wilbur Litwiller said...

I love your kind of roughing it. Sounds like our story. Hope to camp soon. We have not gone this year!! Boo Hoo.

Josie McRazie said...

HAHA We were lucky to get phone reception! I didn't even take the laptop ( however I could have gone in town and sat at the coffee shop I guess!)