Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quilt Labels

I have been thinking a lot about labeling the quilts I make.  A label on your quilt serves not only as a record of who and when, but as an identification of the item if it is ever stolen or lost. A label can also contain care instructions for cleaning.  I hope that my quilts are loved and handed down to the next generation, so they will become pieces of my quilting history.  But I couldn't decide how to label them.

I have read a lot about labels and knew I wanted to personalize mine.  I do like some of the preprinted ones, and I may order some of those to put on taggie blankets, purses, etc.  I enjoyed the blogpost about labeling quilts on Chasing Cottons.

I have labeled all of the t-shirt quilts that I did for Christmas like this:
My machine has several styles of the alphabet, so I used that.
I also used it for Colby's quilt and several others.
I am a symmetrical person, so the fact that the lines of writing aren't all centered and lined up nicely drives me nuts!  It is hard to just how much room the letters will use.  I am working on it.

How do you label your quilts?


Josie McRazie said...

I think a label is a must! My Mother had labels for her sewing, some said sapecially made by (her name) and some said specially made my Mother. Her Mother also had these labels (some said Grandmother) and the rotery cutter I have is my Mothers and it has one of these labels around the handle! It was always very special when Mom put one of her labels inside!!

Laurie said...

I love to read the labels on quilts, and stitch my name and year made in the corner of mine. If they become an heirloom, who knows, a future generation or two may know that I created it.