Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Blue Baby Blanket

Travis had several blankets as a baby.  He wasn't particularly attached to any, but this blue one was well used.  You can see that the satin sashing is coming off.
Chance got Travis' other blanket, so it is only fair that Colby gets one too.  I took off all the satin, washed the blanket again, and put on new satin.  I wrapped Colby in it on Sunday, and it soooo reminded me of Travis.  (Colby really looks like his daddy!)  Gee, I thought I was 21 again!
Colby has really filled out and shared some great smiles with us on Sunday!

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Josie McRazie said...

That is awsome! I love it when things get passed down! I have a few things (including my Mother's a dress My granmother crocheted from my Mother) that I hope one day I will se grandchildren with! WOW did I just say I will have grandchildren... naaaaa that will never happen! LOL