Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Girl Sewing!

I've been playing around in my craft room off and on, well, whenever I need a break from what I HAVE to do!

First I started with this little skirt I made out of a pair of jeans Tasha wanted patched for Clara.

I guess she might not be so quick to leave things like that with me again!

Next I gathered some materials.

And I ended up with this:

And finally, I took a pair of women's knee high socks.

Cut them up.

Put a hem and some elastic in the top and got.........leggings!

Put them all together and I got this outfit.

Now I just need a little girl to wear it! Hopefully Clara stops over soon to model it and take it home!

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Josie McRazie said...

How sweet she will look in them! Can't wait to see pics!

Laurie said...

How do you think of these things, Kim! How special you can make the cutest things from leftovers!