Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopping/Thanksgiving/ Birthdays

We started the weekend by shopping at Tanger.  Truth be told I only went  so that I could have pizza with everyone!  Tasha, Trina, and Trilby along with Clara went early in the day, and then Trilby, Kerry, and I went that evening while Bud, Travis, and Chance went to Scheel's.  I did get a good buy on body lotion at a store I like.

BBW LogoThat means I was there a year ago!  I don't like to shop, so I try to stock up or have my personal shopper(Trilby) buy it for me!

Saturday Trilby, Trina, Tasha, and I went on our traditional shopping trip to Des Moines.  We go every year when the big craft show is at the fairgrounds.  I forgot my camera, so no photos.  I admit we had the waiter take one at Cheesecake Factory but it wasn't very flattering of either Trilby or me!  We had a great time and returned home tired and shopped out!
Sunday we celebrated Payton's birthday which was Nov. 12th, and Bud's birthday which was Nov. 22nd along with celebrating Thanksgiving.  We began doing this several years ago to make it easier for everyone to celebrate with both sides of the family.  Travis, Kerry, and Chance couldn't be with us because Travis had to work. :(
Trina spent the night because it was so late when we got home.  Payton spent the night since he and Bud had been at Travis' hunting.  This is how they helped get ready for dinner!
Grayson picked up the slack for his mother!

Clara and Grayson spent time learning to play together.  They have each been known to have some bully tendencies!!LOL
And then we ate dinner together.  Ham, smoked pork loin, California blend vegetable casserole, green bean casserole, broccoli/cauliflower salad, party potatoes & gravy, sweet potato casserole, cinnamon bread, buns, cherry pie, and pumpkin dessert was all on the menu.  I get full just thinking about all of that food!
Clara enjoyed her cinnamon bread!
The three oldest grandsons played and watched tv in the basement, so we didn't see much of them all afternoon!  The biggest boys were glued to the NASCAR race, while the females visited and discussed Black Friday ads.

Grayson chilled with the ipad, blankie, and roo! 
It's always nice to be together, and it doesn't happen nearly enough!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kath said...

I see Bud's favorite salad wasn't on the menu.:} I really missed going with you guys. I hope you let me go next year. I'm glad you had fun. It is always nice being around family.

Josie McRazie said...

Sounds like a busy and yet great time! happy Thanksgiving!