Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decorating in Progress

We're working on our Christmas decorations. How about you?

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Josie McRazie said...

HAHAHAHAHA I have to share with you!! We have a neighbor accross the ally who we call the Grizwalds!! I do not know their names (however they are always very kind to us and say hello) they go NUTZ EVERY holiday with decorations!! Halloween, Easter, fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and OH, yes Christmas!! I will have to remember to get pics and blog about them! I kept thinking about it when I would walk past their house in October, but I never had my camera!! The only bad part is that the ally gets cluttered with cars the closer we get to Christmas!!

Laurie said...

Don't you just love that movie!? One of my Christmas favorites! Have fun decorating Kim, we're kinda low profile this year.

Trina said...

Grayson finally showed Tanner the real joy of Christmas...we often hear from Grayson phrases like: "more lights!" when we are in the car. Yesterday when we got home, I gave Grayson a snack and sat him at the coffee table and told him to watch for the tree to turn on (it's on a timer). He did it.