Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catch Up Time!

Wow!  Where has the month gone????  I am going to try to post each day this week to kind of "catch up".  I actually have a few posts started, but none completed, so I'll work on finishing and posting those.

What have I been doing you ask?  Well, yard work has consumed a large amount of my free time in between school, meetings, and working in the basement.

Let's go back to Easter first!
We had dinner here on Easter Sunday, and all of the kids were here.  That rarely happens, but it makes me very happy when it does!
Chance got a pinwheel in his basket and is doing his best to make the darn thing work!

Grayson did a great job finding eggs for his basket!
Clara was a cute little flower!
Nate couldn't leave his Momma, as usual.
Payton and Cael had to work for their baskets by completing a scavenger hunt.  Here Cael has found his, but it's too high for him.  Help was on the way.
Here Payton finds clue #2 on his way to find his basket.
Another great day!


Laurie said...

Your post brings back memories of Easter with my son, I did the same thing with the scavenger hunts, thinking up clues and a unique place to hide his basket was so fun. I'm glad you had everyone with you Kim, it makes for great memories!

Josie McRazie said...

Love the scavenger hunts!! My kids get so silly when they figure out what the clue is!! Hope you got all of your IEP's out of the way and are ready for a smooth summer!!