Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Time!

Friday evening three grandsons showed up to spend the night. Grandpa and Payton went to the Iowa game on Saturday while Cael, Nate, and I went to school so I could do some work while they watched a movie, then we played on the playground and came home. Next on the agenda was the making of these turkeys--

As with almost everything crafty that I do, it was not an original idea. I saw these at la T da. If you go check it out you will see that I changed mine somewhat. I couldn't find the same moon pies she used, so I had to substitute cream filled chocolate chip cookies. We also used mini M&M's for the jelly bean, and then used candy corn when they ran out. We made enough for both of the big boys to take them to school.

Both boys helped by sorting M&M's and/or sampling the Nutter Butters. Payton really thought they'd taste better dipped in a little chocolate! Is he MY grandson, or what!? I have to admit I was sick of them after doing 40.
Sunday we celebrated Payton's birthday,

Bud's birthday,
and Thanksgiving. All of the kids, in-laws, and grandsons were here. We had a great meal of BBQ ribs, ham, potatoes & gravy, baked beans, strawberry pretzel salad, buns, coconut cream pie, and pumpkin dessert. Everyone brought something which means I wasn't dead tired from cooking for days. We REALLY enjoy it when everyone is here. It looks like we will just have Tasha and Kyle here on Thanksgiving. Trilby will be home nursing two boys who had their tonsils out today, Trina will be in Minnesota at Tanner's parents' home, and Travis will be working.

And what are you doing for Thanksgiving???

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