Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandson #1!

Hard to believe, but Payton turned 9 on Thursday. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday! He is a little farmer. He started identifying different brands of tractors as soon as he could first talk. He loves football, soccer, and wrestling. Payton is VERY social. He loves people and he loves to talk. He is a great big brother and a wonderful grandson.

Friday night Payton had some friends overnight. They all came down and had pizza, then we showed them a movie on the big screen at the high school. Bud pulled out the stadium seating and they thought they were in their own private theatre! The two younger boys did their best to keep up with the big boys.
I can't tell you what movie they watched as I was in front of the computer. You see, we bought Payton an MP3 player for his birthday. I wanted to download some music for him, so he could listen to it right away. The guy at the store said it was just drag and drop, but he was WRONG! First of all it wasn't compatible with my Mac. So, Tasha tried to download some and she couldn't get it. So while the boys watched the movie Trilby and I messed with it until we FINALLY got some music downloaded. Funny how something that can be so easy can take so long to figure out. I'm sure one of my fourth graders could have figured it out in a flash!

Next Sunday we will celebrate Payton and Grandpa Bud's birthdays along with Thanksgiving. Everyone will be here for dinner on Sunday.

Saturday we made a quick trip to Younkers for their big sale and then a quick trip to Joann's for supplies, then I spent the rest of the day and all day today sewing. Since I'm making Christmas gifts I can't show what I made. I will show you some fabric that I started with--two charm packs from Moda--Wiscasset and Portabello Market--and some fabric for the backing and binding from JoAnn's. With a little batting I completed two gifts with some charm squares left over! Now I need to figure out what I can do with those.
And here is sneak peak at a project. I used fat quarters from Joann's for this one.
I'll have to post all of the pictures once Christmas is over.

I also worked on a redo project, but for the life of me I couldn't find my rusty stars. Once I find them I can post a picture of that.

I have another busy week with conferences, tutoring, etc. Have a good one!


Trina said...

I like those fabrics in the bottom picture. The cake looks good!

Trilby said...

The boys had a terrific time!! It was awesome to be able to go there and see a movie!! I say some snowy day in December we have a Christmas movie marathon there!! It was a great time! We appreciate the cake that mom got and she will be the first one to admit this but it was not good. Trina you didn't miss a thing! The boys loved it though! Cael especially! I can't wait to see what we are getting for Christmas! The suspense is killing me!!

Beth Swantz said...

what a great idea!!! i'm glad it all least the movie...MP3 - sorry!
Was Payton happy with it?