Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Review--One Breathe Away

I love to read! I remember my love for reading really sparked when I was in fourth grade--many moons ago. I had just changed schools, and my new teacher(Love You, Mrs. Heideman!) dressed fashionably and READ ALOUD TO US EVERY SINGLE DAY!! That had never happened in my world before!! Then my aunt, who was a teacher, asked me to read a new book and give my opinion of it for her librarian. And I was hooked!!!

As an adult I read when my kids napped, and sometimes into the wee hours of the night because that's when I had time. I now belong to a book club that meets once a month. It dawned on me that I have never shared my love for reading on my blog, thus this post. I am going to try to post a review a couple of times a month.

Our latest book club book was One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf.

The story takes place in a small Iowa town in the dead of winter. It is one of those snowy frigid days, a spring snowstorm, that we are familiar with in Iowa. Snow was drifting, and closing the roads when a gunman entered the school in Broken Branch, Iowa. The townspeople are ushered to the local restaurant to wait and speculate who the gunman is, and what does he want. Among them is Will Thwaite, a local farmer, left in charge of his two grandchildren, wondering if he had failed his daughter again. Augie Baker, Will's granddaughter risks her life to save her little brother, against the wishes of the police. Mrs. Oliver, veteran teacher, does her best to shelter her third graders as she tries to figure out who the gunman is and how to save them all. She tells the story from different points of view and keeps the reader wondering just who the gunman is. I figured out who the gunman was part way through, but most in my book club didn't. I would give this book Four Stars!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Heather as her niece was in my classroom this year, and another niece was my colleague. Unfortunately my photos are on my school computer.

I have also read The Weight of Silence which was very good.

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Laurie said...

I had a sixth grade teacher who read to us every day, I remember one book in particular, "The Wheel on the School." I loved that book, and couldn't wait for story time.
It's going to be fun reading your book reviews Kim, I'm always game for a good book!

Travis and Kerry said...

I can't wait to read this book. And more book reviews from you!