Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Gifts

I did make several Christmas gifts for the youngest Grandkids. For the three year olds( or almost) I made crayon bags.

Each bag contained a coloring book, sticker book, and crayons on the side.

I later added a roll up chalkboard and chalk. I had to add it later because I went to town to buy the chalkboard fabric and forgot! Does anyone else do that? I used a free tutorial, but I can't remember which one. Google it and you'll find a lot to choose from.

For the one year old and under I made big taggie blocks.

I also put bells inside so they make some noise.

I used a tutorial from here.

I love watching the kids enjoying the things I make them!
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Laurie said...

I love the crayon bag idea! I wish I had thought of that for the little ones. The blocks are precious! How neat to have grand kids that really like and appreciate what you've made! I still don't know how you don't suffer burn out!

Anonymous said...
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