Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day Camp at Nana & Grandpa's

The last Thursday-Saturday before school started was a fun time around here. We started out with Grayson and Maddux on Thursday night spending the night. Madduxwasn't feeling the sleeping thing after 4:30a.m., so he and Grandpa hung out in the recliner snoozing off and on together.

Clara and Aela showed up early Friday morning as they got dropped off when their parents went to work. Grayson and Clara ate peanut butter toast with me for breakfast.

Payton, Cael, and Nate showed up late morning.....and then there were seven! Luckily it was Bud's day off, so I wasn't init alone. :)
The kids had a great time riding the scooters and riding toys around the sidewalk. Nate even tried to ride with his broken leg. (he might just be too big for that one!)

They had races.

With the occasional crash, burn, and then pounce!

Grandpa spend time entertaining a few of them while I made lunch.

Tanner showed up late after noon and luckily Tasha showed up with pizza for supper. After eating they both took their kids and headed home, Bud took Trilby's boys back and I had a minute of downtime before Travis and Co. showed up to spend the night. We were in charge of Chance and Colby in Saturday morning as the parental figures went to the State Fair. Colby was entertained by Cuddles.

Somehow Chance stayed away from the camera.:(
We took the boys to Trina's to spend the night and we headed home, tired, but with work to do! I worked at school until 8:30 that night, and Bud painted buildings until dark, then came to school to give me a hand. Needless to say, we were two pooped grandparents!
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Laurie said...

O.K. Kim! I'm worn out for you! Wow! That's a lot of Nana and Grandpa time, the childhood memories you're making with the grand kids will be very special to them as adults.

Anonymous said...

Maddux was there too, why didn't you say anything about him?