Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Planning Ahead

When all four of my kids were still home and everyone was involved in activities I used to plan our menus for a month, and I often cooked ahead for the week. It made mealtime and grocery shopping so much easier. With just the two of us I don't do that anymore.

From time to time I do throw some casseroles in the freezer. We officially go back to school tomorrow, so it's back to a routine again! Typically we are both EXHAUSTED in the evening during the first week of school. That's when we look at each other and decide we will get something from someplace or go somewhere for supper. This year I decided to try to be prepared for that, so today I cooked.

I now have four suppers in the freezer ready for those nights when we're too tired to cook.

Spaghetti is one of Bud's favorites. I can stick this in the oven, or we can just take out as much as we want and nuke it. A slice of garlic bread and we're good to go.

Sheperd's Pie is always tasty. I'll throw a little cheese on top and bake it. Add salad or a fruit. YUM!

Taco soup is always good. We like to garnish it with cheese, sour cream, and Doritoes. I can put this in the crockpot or just heat up what we want.

Tater Tot Casserole is ready to go. I bake mine a bit then add the tater tots at the end. Actually I don't usually put peas and corn in my tater tot casserole, but I mixed up and put the mashed potatoes on the tater Tot mixture, and this is the shepherd's pie mixture! LOL Oh well, it will still be good.

With the occasional grilled chicken breast or hot dog we should be good for supper and lunches for the first week of school.

Planning ahead is good for three things:
1. Saves time
2. Saves money
3. Saves calories

I'd love to hear your ideas for freezer friendly meals.
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The Hartsocks said...

i soooooo need to make some meals to freeze/have ready to go.. . . problem is, our freezer is really full right now. but just planning out meals is so helpful! (and you're right - huge time and money saver!)

Laurie said...

Mouth watering! Everything looks so good Kim! I have sectioned plates that leftovers can be added to and put in the freezer. The leftovers don't go to waste, and we have instant tv dinners.

Trina said...

Menu planning is something I almost always do. I find we save a lot of money and are more satisfied with meals this way. (I've also found that Tanner is more likely to help cook if he easily can look at the menu). Typically I'll just make a double batch of supper that night and freeze half. Going home early today to do freezer meals!

Josie McRazie said...

I make up a yummy Taco Lasagna! It layers of tortillas, refried beans, black beans, corn, and taco meat with tomatoes, onions, and green chillies! oh, don't forget the cheese!! Lots of wonderful cheese!! I precook it and it recooks/freezes very nicely!! Ohhh, maybe that's what's for dinner tonight!!

Phyl said...

Well you certainly have been a busy bee. Good for you to be so organized - I know it will really help you out that first hectic week of school. Can't wait to catch up with when I get back to Iowa. Miss you!