Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last of the wedding talk!

This is beginning to seem like a Trina and Tanner site!  Okay, just a few more photos  and then we will begin with other subjects.  Trina, being the frugal person that she is, made the bouquets, boutennaires, and corsages. After getting her hair done she gets some help from flower girl, Jaelyn.  Then we see Trina and Tanner as they depart the wedding site for the reception in the limo.  And finally the wedding party minus the little ones.  For more sneak previews check the blog on


Susan said...

What a beautiful setting!!! It was gorgeous. susie

Anonymous said...

It really was a great day! I've enjoyed reading a narrative of our wedding. I hope that isn't the last time we are mentioned.
-Trina Roos