Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017

The Christmas festivities have commenced.  The gifts are unwrapped and taken home.  The leftover food is waiting for me to distribute or use.The cards and games are put away. The house is a mess! The girls and families are back home. Travis, Kerry, and boys are headed back to Texas.  Great Christmas memories!
 Once I clean this place up I will enjoy the decorations for another week, then they will be put up for another year.  
I love decorating for Christmas.  I owe this to my grandmother and my mother.  Some of my things were made by my grandma.  And some by me.  I am always looking for  or making things for Christmas throughout the year. My goal is to have a decorated Christmas tree in every room in the house.  I failed some this year as I didn't do much in the basement.  Each room in the basement had a tree of some sort, just not necessarily decorated with anything but lights.  I left the basement out of the slideshow.   I hope you enjoy my decorations as much as I do!