Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Decorating 2015

Long post.  My posting has slacked off because of Facebook because I just don't think people read blogs anymore, but also because it just isn't convenient to post from my iPad 2.  BUT, some people have mentioned that they are still looking for a post, so here I go.....

I love to decorate for Christmas.
Some would say I go overboard.
I like to have at least one tree in each room.  By the fireplace is the "Frozen" tree for the grandkids, and the dress form tree for me!  The dress form tree was the new tree this year.

This is the  main tree and the only live tree in the house.  Hard to tell, but it is decorated with an old-fashioned theme--big colored bulbs in addition to the small white ones, bubble lights, glass balls, and gold garland.
And by the wall are three trees in a vignette that includes Santa and the hurricane lanterns.
The Snowman tree is in the sunroom.  It was new last year.  It will stay up with my snowman decorations after the Christmas decorations are taken down.
The kitchen just has a small tree on the fridge with some ceramic decor made by my grandmother.  In the background you can also see the ceramic tree she made that sits in the foyer.
Also in the foyer is a 6 ft. frosted tree with a variety of ornaments--from our travels, gifts, homemade, etc.  You may also notice a few Santas around!

The dining room has the primitive tree.  It is decorated with colorful lights, cinnamon ornaments, wooden candy canes, buttons, and tags.

Of course the bathroom has to have a tree too!  This tree is in a wooden box decorated with a snowman.
And the guest bedroom downstairs has a cheery Christmas quilt on the bed in addition to an old fashioned Christmas tree decorated with popcorn and cranberry strands, bulbs, red snowflakes, and silver icicles.

Moving upstairs, which is decorated more sparsely, three frosted trees decorated with red and green beads, white lights, and snowman and regular bubble lights sit at the top of the landing.

 My bathroom has my Christmas plaid tree.  It is decorated with red icicle ornaments and bulbs and red Christmas plaid ribbon.  The wreath has the same ribbon as do two stockings hung in the hall.

The Christmas tree in the upstairs guest room is decorated with my teacher ornaments.  It seems appropriate for this room which contains the baby bed, some Dick and Jane books, and many Little Golden books.
 This tree is about four feet tall and resides in our bedroom.  It is decorated with red and gold.  It was surrounded by gifts until just before I took this picture.  Looks a little lonely sitting there.
 Our bed gets decorated for Christmas with a flannel comforter.
Even the basement gets trees!  First is the silver tree in my sewing room decorated with white lights with pink and aqua ornaments.  This is the only "glitzy" tree in the house.
 In the canning kitchen a snowman with tree stands in front of a quilt while a small tree with white lights sits by the bread maker.

The "Man Cave" has a six foot skinny frosted Iowa Hawkeye tree.  It is decorated in black and gold of course!

Bud's bathroom has a couple of trees that aren't very exciting, and I forgot to take pictures.  So, I leave you with one last view of our live tree in the living room.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Nana Camp 2015

 This year was the third annual Nana Camp for us.  We had nine grandchildren in attendance. (you have to be potty trained)  Usually we have it in the summer, but since Chance and Colby would already be moved to Texas by then we decided to hold it in May.  Since they all love to camp with us we had a camping weekend.

We really only sleep four in our camper, so we took a tent too.  The first night Payton-14, Clara-5, and Maddux-3 slept in the tent.  Even with rain they stayed out all night.  The others slept on the living room floor.  The next night they ALL slept in the tent except Aela.  That night it rained and thundered and still they slept. (I think they were exhausted!!)

We choose a spot close to a playground and further away from the river than we usually camp.  I could see the playground from the camper.  They played and played at that playground.  I am STILL sweeping up sand in the camper!

And we hiked up to Fossil Gorge...........
Gathering for a group photo before exploring.

Drinking out of the water fountain was a lot of fun!  Everyone had a turn at it.

When we were done exploring Fossil Gorge we hiked down a paved trail next to the river.  Finding just the right walking stick was an important job when we took a break.  Then they quickly became swords!

 After lunch it was time to rest for the youngest six......and Nana while Grandpa and the three oldest fished.
 They were so exhausted that they all slept except Grayson!
Fishing was up next.  I sat and untied knots while Grandpa kept the poles full of bait.
 The two oldest boys went to their own fishing spot, so they didn't need our help.

Grandpa told them all to sit still and be patient.  Hah!  Patience in three year olds and five year olds is hard to come by.  BUT Maddux absolutely won the award for patience.  He sat perfectly still and waited until he got his first fish!  He was the only one to catch two fish that day, and he was thrilled!

One night we sat around the campfire, and the next night everyone grabbed their blanket/sleeping bag, chair, and pillow and we had a movie outside on the big screen.  Even the neighbors came to check it out!
We always do a craft.  This time we painted bird houses.
It was serious business!

And we ate........

Yummy cookies that Chance wanted to show his dad. (They're Travis' favorite.)
Nate & Chance help me make "Big Foots" for breakfast.
Chance enjoyed the BBQ chicken!  
And we ate!
Our final group picture was last.  We made the mistake of doing it when the parental units were there, which just made everything worse!  Funny how well behaved they can be when the parents aren't around!
Maddux absolutely did NOT want to wear a red nose!  So we went on without it.
 Of course when we were done.........
A good time was had by all!  But I know Nana and Grandpa were exhausted!!!

Nana camp could not happen without Grandpa!  Thanks for being a good sport and going alone with things you didn't really want to do.  And Payton and Cael were so good at playing with the little ones!