Friday, December 30, 2011

Chance's "Big Boy" Quilt

Since Chance is now a big brother he will soon be going into a "Big Boy Bed"!  His parents wanted him to have a quilt for his bed, so this was his big Christmas gift this year.
The fabric is Wanna Be a Cowboy by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake.  
The pattern is Simply Authentic from Piece N Quilt.  You can find it here.
It measures approximately 80" x 90".
I didn't follow the layout direction exactly, but changed it up to feature the fabrics I wanted to have show.  I could only get a small amount of the real cowboyish fabric and I wanted it to all show when placed on the bed.
I straight line quilted it which evidently I have problems even with straight lines. You wouldn't think that would be so difficult, but I have a guide on my machine and it often moves on me. :(
Chance immediately laid down and wrapped up in it!  I can't wait to see it on his bed.
I couldn't share this one until after Christmas as I didn't want his parents to see it either.
This is #10 for my 11 in '11 Challenge.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Colby's Baby Quilt

Our latest grandson, Colby, needed a quilt from Nana and this is what he got!
I laid it out on the hospital bed because I forgot to take a photo of it at home!
The pattern is "Baby Lattice Quilt" from Moda Bakeshop.  You can find it here.
 I straight line quilted it, and used the Case IH fabric for the squares, cream Kona cotton for the sashing, and IH fabric for the back too.
I think this little farm boy likes it!
And this is #9 in my 11 in '11 Challenge.  You can see the other seven under the tab at the top.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Christmas Fun!

Traditionally we take pictures of each family at Christmas.
Trilby, Mike, Payton, Cael, and Nate
Nate was being held against his will & Cael declared on Christmas Day that he doesn't smile in pictures! Payton.....well he's just cool now that he's 11!
Travis, Kerry, Chance, & Colby
Chance really had some red little checks going on!
Tasha, Kyle, & Clara (aka Princess)
They will be a family of four next Christmas.
Trina, Tanner, and Grayson
Grayson was wearing his new slippers that Santa brought him.
They will be a family of four next Christmas.
And we had our turn by the fireplace with the grandkids, but oh my it is hard to get everyone to look at the camera!

  Cael was thrilled to get his first BB Gun, although you wouldn't know it by his face!  This is when he declared that he doesn't smile for pictures.
 Payton was thrilled to get a blah, blah, blah gun.(I forget what it is).  Yes, we are a family of rednecks!
The cousins had a good time together.
They love Grandpa's train that runs under the tree.
Stay tuned for a sewing post tomorrow.  I was trying for 11 in '11, and I made it, but I couldn't show many things because they were Christmas gifts.  

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Season Continued!

Here's hoping you had a Very Merry Christmas!  
We certainly did.  We traveled to Travis and Kerry's for Christmas Eve Mass and supper.
(Since I was so busy sewing I am sharing some Christmas decorations that I never got around to sharing.)
The Willow Tree Navtivity was new last year.  I took a photo of my ceramic one, but iphoto is not cooperating today!
ALL kids, grandchildren, Mom, and my sister were here yesterday.  That was a grand total of 12 adults and 7 kids.  It was great fun and just a little noisy!
This Santa greets you as you come in the front door...along with my quilt and the antique candy machine.
 My collection of Christmas tins sit on the shelf in the foyer.  Among them are some antique ones, collector items, and just plain old tins!  I can't fit them all up there though.
The girls requested that we not do our traditional meal, so we had ham sandwiches, potatoes, and a ton of appetizers.  They said they did this so I wouldn't be so stressed, but really we (Bud & I) didn't like it.
There is something to be said for the togetherness of a sit down meal, along with helping the little ones practice their manners, and letting me enjoy using my Christmas dishes!
Next year it's back to our regular sit down meal with real dishes.
I love decorating for Christmas!  It does take me longer now than it used to though.
I have nine decorated trees, and several other small ones with just lights.  So every room has a tree except one bathroom I just didn't get one into this year.
This Hawkeye tree was our newest addition in our family room downstairs.
With a Hawkeye Santa of course!  
A Hawkeye tree skirt is on my to do list.
 I was so busy sewing that this is my second set of poinsettias on top of the hutch since the first ones died for lack of attention! (And there's another Santa.)
This Santa on the left sits on a shelf at the top of the stairs.  
The one on the right is my tallest one, and he stands in the corner of the living room.

This Santa stands by the fireplace.
 This one sits by the fireplace, and is a favorite of the kids because when you push the button he snores "like Grandpa"!

 These two have  antique quilts as coats and they sit on a bench with some quilts.

 The last of our kids left this morning with one tired and grumpy grandson(and maybe a sleep deprived son-in-law).  Now it's time to clean, and decide what to do for the rest of the day.

Stay tuned for some "catch up" posts all week since I can finally show you what I have been sewing!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meet Our New Grandson!

Meet our new grandson:
Colby Bruce
7lbs. 8 ozs.
20 1/2"
 Born 12-12-11
Chance, the proud big brother!

The Happy Family

We went to the hospital as soon as we could get out of school on Monday, so we could meet him and cuddle!  He is another redhead!  Chance loved him that night, even giving him some impromptu kisses, but I hear maybe tonight he was saying, "No baby, no baby!!" :)  We're thrilled that he is part of our family and everyone is doing well.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Girl Sewing!

I've been playing around in my craft room off and on, well, whenever I need a break from what I HAVE to do!

First I started with this little skirt I made out of a pair of jeans Tasha wanted patched for Clara.

I guess she might not be so quick to leave things like that with me again!

Next I gathered some materials.

And I ended up with this:

And finally, I took a pair of women's knee high socks.

Cut them up.

Put a hem and some elastic in the top and got.........leggings!

Put them all together and I got this outfit.

Now I just need a little girl to wear it! Hopefully Clara stops over soon to model it and take it home!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011


After a busy weekend there's nothing like sitting by the fire with the Christmas lights on!

I love Christmas decorations!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sewing With a Grandson

Several weeks ago I spent the day sewing with my oldest grandson, Payton, who is 11.  Payton is crazy for anything International Harvester or Case IH--I think its interchangeable.

Several years ago I made him a quilt for his bed.

The next year I made him a lap robe to snuggle up with while he watches TV.

Now they have a new house and he wants curtains for his bedroom.  He is in 4-H, so I volunteered to teach him to make some out of IH fabric of course!
First he had to cut a straight line.

I had him use my trusty old Kenmore.  He wanted to use my Baby Lock or my serger, but I told him that would have to wait until he was more experienced!LOL
Sewing straight seams can be challenging!

He learned the value of pressing.

We had to quit before they were finished, but they will soon be hanging in his room and will make it to the county fair next summer.

He enjoyed sewing with me, and I'm sure we will have many other projects together!